Real Estate Signs: Placement Makes All the Difference

When trying to sell a home, where you place the sign is almost as important as the information given on the sign itself. If no one can see your sign, they’re not going to notice that your house is for sale. Whether you’re planning on placing multiple signs or real estate yard signs, choosing the right location can make the difference between getting the sale and having buyers pass you by.

If your property is located away from the corner, place a single yard sign facing the street. This ensures that it will be visible to people driving in either direction. You may also want to invest in a few directional signs to place on the street corners at either end of the block, and along the major roadway into the neighborhood to ensure that potential buyers can find you. If you have a larger lot, you may want to consider placing a sign at either end of the property in addition to the sign located more toward the middle of the property.

If your property is located on a corner lot, you’ll need to place a sign facing the side street as well as one that faces the main street. Again, it’s important to ensure that drivers can see the sign when traveling from either direction. If you’re properly is unusually large, you want to use the previously mentioned strategy of placing signs at the outside border of the lot as well as toward the middle.

Finally, don’t rely on yard signs alone in order to sell your property. Consider pairing real estate property signs with classified ads in the local newspaper, websites like Craigslist, and on your own website as well. Consider taking pictures and video in order to create a virtual tour of the property and post it on your website, using some of your signage to direct potential buyers to where they can view the tour. These simple strategies can help make sure that your properties sell quickly. For more info about “open houses sign” please visit our site:


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